maine coon kittens

Maine Coon Kittens Lifespan

If you’re looking to make Maine Coon kittens part of your family, I will give you some information on the breed. T

hat way it will be easier for you to pick out the right one or two that fits in with your lifestyle.

The Maine coon cat has a long, thick, shaggy coat that will require weekly brushing and grooming.

Customer demand: When my family owned an antique store we had to keep up with the local demand.

We saw a number of kittens sold every year over the Memorial Day weekend and decided it was because tourists wanted a “home souvenir”

for their kids back home when going on vacation. The most asked question from our customers: Where can I get one?

The Maine Coon cat is considered to be an exceptionally hardy and healthy cat breed.

These gentle giants live for an average 12-15 years, though these famous Maine Coons Kittens have lived for considerably longer.


Maybe you consider us Maine Coon lovers crazy for spending so much on our adorable cats, or maybe you don’t.

Whatever your thoughts, the expensive Maine Coon price just isn’t going to change!

This sought-after cat breed has been popular for many decades, to such an extent that it is the State Cat of Maine, United States.

If you are looking for a companion, a Maine Coon is priceless.

They are incredibly loyal, playful and affectionate, and rarely like to leave your side.

When we first moved home, our Maine Coon even went for a walk with me around the block,

without even wearing a leash!! People must have thought me crazy!

Do you love the look of the Maine Coon cat, but are not too sure whether this fabulously majestic-looking breed of cat is a good fit for your family, or not? If so, you are not alone!

People often ask me are Maine Coon cats friendly? Keep reading to find out my thoughts!

Maine coon kittens

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