The mission of our cattery is to breed healthy and beautiful Maine Coon kittens while improving this wonderful breed through our work. Our cherished kings and queens carry best European and American lines and are either our own lovingly selected offspring or came to us from the most famous catteries. Through our love for the breed, many generations of close observation and experimentation, along with numerous different mating combinations and the careful selection process, we grow kittens with health as our number one priority, followed by fantastic temperament and the authentic type most true to the Maine Coon breed standard.

Breeding of healthy and beautiful cats is hard work which we love and take very seriously.

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Our cats’ living conditions

To provide the best living conditions and plenty of space for exercise we have built a roomy addition to our main house. Our maine coon cats have a run of a 13-room house addition with the overall inside space of 2200 square feet, as well as an additional secure outside enclosure space with the covered roof of 860 square feet. Our cats can enjoy the fresh air, walk on real grass, clime tree branches, watch birds and hunt for insects in their outside enclosure as they please during any time of day and in any season.

In our cattery, we employ the most loving staff which on a daily-basis help Veronika and her family provide the best care to our cats. We together clean the rooms, feed and brush the cats and socialize our kittens.All our kittens are under our continuous watch and care 24/7, being held, petted, and played with. Our maine coon cats’ diet consists only of Royal Canin dry food and raw food consisting of chicken, turkey, and duck meat, organ meat, and necks.

Our cattery’s health care: Our cattery has its own veterinarian that conducts monthly exams of all of our cats. All of our kings and queens also undergo yearly heart screening and full-body ultrasound of internal organs. Finally, all of the kings and queens are genetically tested before entering our breeding program.

Why Choose Us

Unique Maine Coon Cats

Our Maine Coon kittens is recognized by its look of the wild with tall lynx tipped ears, prominent ruff, and robust bone structure. Our breeding coons can produce polydactyl kittens, blue-eyed kittens, and the majestic black smoke color.OUR

Genetic & Health Testing

Prior to entering our home and cattery each of our cats has tested negative for the feline leukemia virus and feline immunodeficiency virus. Additionally, each breeding Maine Coon cat in our program completes a comprehensive DNA health test for 39 genetic markers and has tested negative/clear. The health and wellness of our cats and your Maine Coon kitten is our top priority.

Registered & Purebred

We Breed Purebred & Healthy Maine Coon Kittens For Sale . Our Kittens come Healthy and Excellent with Kids and Other,Trusted Breeder, Maine coon cats for sale